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Warrior Winches & Hoists
250 - 600kg Extendable Rotary Hoist Frame

250 - 600kg Extendable Rotary Hoist Frame

Sku: HF1100

This compact, general purpose Rotary hoist frame is ideal for all manner of lifting application. Easy to install, it is supplied with special fixing clamps. Supplied with a square section beams for any electric hoist up to 600kgs capacity.

The beam can extend to 1100mm with a lifting capacity of 250 kg.

Hoist & vertical pole not included.

Standard Conforms to EN 14492
Max Lift 750mm - (SWL) 600 Kg (WLL) 850kgs
1100mm - (SWL) 250 Kg (WLL) 325kgs
29,5" - (SWL) 1322 lb (WLL) 1873 lb
43,3" - (SWL) 551 lb (WLL) 716 lb
Dimensions 750 x 50mm (Extends to 1100mm)
29,5" x 1,9" (Extends to 43,3")
Colour Silver
Weight 6 Kg (13.2 lb)


HF1100 Hoist Frame TUV Certificate Download