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Warrior Winches & Hoists
Installation Plate

Installation Plate

Sku: IST640

Folded metal installation plate with fairlead locator holes and mounting pattern holes.

This plate is designed for use with:

  • Samurai 17 500 Warrior Winches (175SS12, 175SS24, 175SA12, 175SA24)
  • Samurai 20 000 Warrior Winches (200SS12, 200SS24, 200SA12, 200SA24)
  • Samurai 4 000 EN Winches (40ENS12, 40ENS24).
  • Samurai 5 250 EN Winches (52ENS12, 52ENS24).
  • Samurai 6 000 EN Winches (60ENS12, 60ENS24).
  • T1000-2200 Winch


Warrior IST640 Mounting Plate Download