Armortek Black Edition Synthetic Winch Rope

8mm x 30m HW0931 5060423983194
10mm x 30m HW0932 5060423983200
11mm x 30m HW0933 5060423983217
12mm x 30m HW0934 5060423983224
12mm x 40m HW0934/45 5060423983231

Rope Length: 8mm x 30m
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  • Synthetic Rope weighs 6 times less than wire.
  • Synthetic Rope is rated at 70 percent stronger than wire.
  • Synthetic Rope floats, wire doesn’t.
  • Synthetic Rope is coated to prevent abrasion.
  • You don’t have to worry about wire splinters.
  • No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum.
  • Synthetic Rope will not severely whiplash if broken.
  • Synthetic Rope comes pre-stretched and heat set.

Armortek synthetic winch rope is made with high strength HMPE light weight fibre. It undergoes a unique pre stretching process and is coated with the special Armortek abrasion resistant coating to enable maximum pull and the ultimate endurance.

UV Stabilisation gives the rope long and safe working life. Not affected by oil or water and is just as strong whether used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions.

Armortek stretches very little (3 - 4 % at break) and very safe to use. It stores little energy and hence no lash backs in the unlikely event of breaking.

This synthetic rope can be used on both bolted and slotted drums. For use on slotted drums the steel bolt eye needs to be removed.

Black Edition Ropes – MBL (Minimum Breaking Load)

The Minimum Breaking Load is the specified load below which rope does not fail either by fracture or distorting to such an extent that the load is released.

  • 8mm – 6,100kg
  • 10mm – 8,600kg
  • 11mm – 10,800kg
  • 12mm – 12,000kg

What's in the box:

  • Armortek Black Edition Synthetic Rope
  • Competition Hook

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