Dual Voltage 12v and 24v Wireless Winch Control Twin Pack

Wired In WR1224 5060423984450
4 Pin Plug W41224 5060423981824

Models: Wired In
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  • Suitable for both 12v and 24v Winches
  • Two handsets included

Our twin pack dual voltage 12v and 24v wireless remote and receiver is weatherproof and has a range of around 80-100 feet (dependant on local environment) This allows you to move around whilst carrying out winching making it both easier and safer. It comes with an on/off switch and an LED indicator allowing you to avoid unintentional activation. The simple wiring on this unit allows it to be easily retro fitted to most types of 12v and 24v solenoid controlled winches.

Twin handset dual voltage wireless remote control. Compatible with all recovery winches.


WR1224:This model needs to be hard wired in to the solenoid.
W41224: Thismodel has a 4-pin male air socket making it compatible with all Warrior Winches with matching 4 pin female socket (Ninja, Spartan, Samurai).

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Felix Tallqvist
remote controll model W41224 Snr 132319050034

My remote controlls led is flashing red when I have it connneted ON and operate it remote from the winch. Is that normal?

When I'm runnig the winch with the remote controll, the connection is bad, ie when I run the winch OUT the run is not smooth! The winch starts and stops simultanteous and the run of the winch isn't good.
What is wrong what shall I do?

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